Advocate for LGBTQ+ youth in K-12 schools


About GLSEN’s National Landscape Policy Maps

GLSEN works at the federal, state, and local levels to advance intersectional equity for LGBTQ+ youth in K-12 education systems. The national landscape of LGBTQ+ rights and policies differ by state and territory. GLSEN’s National Landscape of LGBTQ+ K-12 Education Policy displays key indicators of federal, state, and local policies affecting the positive outcomes for LGBTQ+ students in affirming and inclusive school environments. These interactive maps outline which states and territories are most impacted by discriminatory learning environments. We have learned that when schools are safe, affirming, and inclusive for the most marginalized, every student succeeds and thrives in the classroom.

About GLSEN’s Research & Best Practices Office

GLSEN has been conducting research and evaluation on LGBTQ+ issues in K-12 education since 1999. Our research staff members are nationally recognized experts, trusted by safe schools advocates and researchers alike to provide the facts about our national school climate.

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About GLSEN’s Public Policy Office

GLSEN’s public policy efforts lead the development of safe and inclusive national, state, and local policies that create positive school climates for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. GLSEN’s policy work strives to dismantle all identity-based oppressions including but not limited to, race, ethnicity, ability, and immigration status. GLSEN supports the leadership of a network of volunteer policy coordinators from local GLSEN Chapters and works in partnership with policymakers and advocates across the country to identify ways to center equity in education.

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