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Trans and Nonbinary Athletic Inclusion Policies

*Last Updated May 2022

GLSEN advocates for policies that ensure that transgender (trans) and nonbinary students can participate in sports on a team or in competition based on their gender identity. There are 17 states (including D.C) that have friendly policies that help facilitate full inclusion of trans and nonbinary students in high school athletics. There are 6 states with guidance that excludes trans and nonbinary students by requiring students to participate in athletics based on their birth certificate or their sex assigned at birth. Another 3 states bar trans and nonbinary students from participation unless they have undergone surgery. Discriminatory restriction policies that create additional barriers to inclusion of trans and nonbinary students are in place in 16 states. Nine states that have not issued any statewide guidance on best practices that should be implemented in schools leaving students to navigate a patchwork of policies that differ between local education agencies and schools in the state. Finally, eighteen (18) states have passed discriminatory legislation barring gender-affirming participation of transgender student athletes, and only allow students to compete on teams based on the sex listed on an existing birth certificate. These laws are currently being challenged in a number of law suits.

We continue to assess and categorize states on this map based on updates to state laws and regulations. If you see a state on this map that needs an update, please email

GLSEN has partnered with TransAthlete to create a visual representation of the type of laws and athletic association guidance on inclusion of transgender and nonbinary student athletes that each state has in place.